Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Felt Flower

I made this tutorial on how to make felt flowers since this is a method that I like to use for various projects, and when I share them I'll want you guys to be able to make your own versions of these projects.
First decide on a size for the base of the flower. Here, I had a base that was 3 inches in diameter (had a tape roll to help me draw it). The cost of this piece of felt fabric was 0.34 dollars.

The size & amount of petals you need depends on how big your base is (in other words, how big ou want the flower to be). You make the petals by cutting out squares. I needed 11 squares that were 2x1 ½ inches and 6 squares that were almost 2 inches times 1 ½ inches. Cut the tips of the squares into a desired petal shape (I was cutting freehand).  

Begin at the outer layer, using the bigger petals.  Fold the bottom half of one petal at a time and then sew on. Continue with the rest of the petals. For this flower, I needed two layers of petals; I used the smaller ones on the inner circle.
Putting the petals quite tight hides the “stems” of them better! 

When you’ve finished your circles, you’ll see that there’s a void in the middle which doesn’t look too nice. Cut two elongated squares (mine were approx 3 inches long and 2 inches wide). Then make both ends of them petal-y shaped. Fold them at the center, cross them over each other and check that the size is ok. Then just attach in the middle with a couple of stitches, covering the void. Voilà

I used this method in my bedroom decor, check out post here.

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