Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Bead Embellished Hair Accessory with Leather Headband

The inspiration: A couple of days ago I saw this really amazing headpiece on craftgawker:

I was so inspired by her hairband (love the photo, by the way!) and knew I wanted to do something for my hair with bead appliqué, and I came up with this:

Bead Embellished Hair Accessory with Leather Headband

Now, the making of it can be really REALLY quick (talking a minute) or be a little bit more time consuming (but oh so rewarding).

a) You can buy a already bead embellished piece from a crafts or fabric store, and just attach leather band to it, in the length you desire

b) Or you can do as I did, and make your own embellishment by sewing beads/sequins to a base (I used felt) and attaching the leather band to that one. You'll get a unique accessory :)

And you're done!

Great for a Summery night. Or Wintery Day. For a Wedding Day. Scratch that, it really brings some sparkle to your face, Any Day.