Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY Beaded Studded Leggings

Hello gorgeous! 
I missed out on those really pretty studded leggings from Zara. You did too?
No worries, you can make your own.

The inspiration:

Rock 'N' Roll Farilytale is really rocking this outfit!

I bought basic black leggings from H&M, and used Tulip Beads in a Bottle in gold and silver to make beads or "studs" onto the leggings.

You need to prewash your leggings, and let them dry completely. You also have to let the beads dry for 4 hours before you can apply some on the other side, and again wait for 4 hours. 

I used some circles that I cut out of paper to make it easier to follow a round line, and a square to help me with the other ones. I recommend putting parchment paper inside while the beads dry, so the glue doesn't stick to the other side. And when the instructions tell you to always lift the nozzle straight up, it is so that your beads don't get all wonky.

Although making the studs with beads in a bottle was fairly quick, it seems it's worth the time to actually sew or iron on studs/beads/sequins. I wore them today, and multiple beads came off in a matter of hours... I'm not sure if it is the fabric of the leggings or just the product. My next one's are definitely going to be sewn on or iron-on studs.

Tried out two different patterns:

White knit tunic by ONLY.

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