Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY: IKEA Drawer Chest Mod

For our first weeks my nightstand consisted of this pile of Paris themed boxes as well as a Signorello Estate box (from our mini-honeymoon in Napa). As much as I like this nightstand pile, I've got other plans for some of the boxes. Anyways, it is not practical for storing things that I want to be able to access quickly.

Since we really like DIY projects, but didn't have tools to actually build drawer chests, we started looking for something untreated we could "hack". At IKEA, we found these RAST pine hardwood numbers. Here's how they originally looked: 

We bought some wood stain (Dark Walnut at Lowe's) and I stained all the visible parts (remember to wipe off any excess stain with a clean cloth!). Then we just needed some nice knobs, and after disagreeing about some knobs and thinking the ones we both really wanted (black iron, soo stylish) were too expensive for right now, we almost put on the original ones. But as luck would have it, we stumbled across these knobs at IKEA (of course) when we went there for something completely else. So for now, these iron-looking knobs get to do the job. This is how the nightstands turned out:

I'm still considering doing some stencils on them, but for now this'll do. Ideas for stencil texts? My favorite idea so far is "Pour Femme" and "Pour Homme".


  1. I just stained my drawers (same ones you have here, Rast from ikea) with the dark walnut stain from Lowe's. Mine look EXTREMELY dark and I wiped off the excess with a cloth almost immediately after applying it. What am I doing wrong? Is dark walnut definitely the one you used here? I would really appreciate your help!! Thanks so much, hope to hear back soon

    1. Evening! Looking at the pictures from this project, I feel like my drawers have gotten darker (but it's been two years). I wonder if they've changed the finish on the drawer chests; the "rougher" the surface is the more stain it will pick up