Monday, October 8, 2012

Love Faith Destiny Play Hope Believe Necklace

Since I'm already petite (read: short) I feel that I cannot  wear petite, short necklaces. There are so many cool, but short and or petite necklaces with messages out there and I felt I was missing out.  so I made my own long less petite message necklace accompanied by a big pendant.

(All pieces from Michaels).

The color of the pendant is not what I'd normally go for in jewellery (but now I just might change my mind about that). It was when I got home that I realized what it was about it that was special; it sort of reminds me of an aerial view of the Finnish archipelago.

Have you ever felt that the jewellery that was out there was not for you, and had to make your own version? How did it turn out?

I could not find necklaces that combined big pendants with messages, but I thought these were pretty:

Statement Necklaces

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