Friday, October 5, 2012

Outfit for Wednesday: SF and Pearl Jam Concert!

Now I just had to take an outfit photo in our pink room, since I don't know how much longer we're going to wait with the painting. The colors in our new apartment are fun for backgrounds, but a bit tricky to match with what we want to decorate our home with.

I paired my Affaire D'Amour print tee from Forever 21 with a black maxi skirt from Vila and my go-to-necklace from Pieces (both Danish brands). The leather bag is a few years old, by Mango.

Need to show off my new glittery Converse kicks that I got from DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse (San Francisco). I find the streets of SF so much fun! When it gets darker you can see the pavement glimmering, which is why I just had to get these shoes when I came across them. The streets in Helsinki (or anywhere else in Finland) are just plain boring grey-ish pavement, so the glimmer in SF makes me smile every time.

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