Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Print on Print, and New Boots!

This adooorable birdie print oversized tee by Kappahl needed something more... Tribal obsession from a previous time continues; this scarf I found at Target (Mossimo). And the dark leather boots I found just today at Nine West Outlet at Gilroy <3



I just haven't felt right without any boots out here. Has been to warm for them until now I know, 
but from this day forth I fill eat, drink and sleep in them if I have to. So gorgeous! Mum&Dad have also sent me a couple of ankle booties from back home, how nice are they? 

Skinny snakeskin patterned jeans are by H&M. 


  1. I have those boots too, do you know the name of them?

    1. Hi Kelly! I looked at their box, it says "LOOKNICEGD DK BROWN LE". Hope that helps!