Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick Fix: Ordinary Scarf into Infinity


I can't begin to count how many scarves I've had in my life, that I now wish I could get back to make infinity scarves out of. There's something so lovely about them; they'll never shimmie out of place, falling onto the floor etc. And they look gorgeous, like a big waterfall neckline. I like mine a bit longer, others like them shorter. Some of us just don't look good in anything resembling a turtle neck.

Anyhow, it is ridiculously easy to make your regular scarf into a infinity one: With this one I just knotted all the fringes together, leaving a fringe row at that part of the scarf. Don't feel like cutting them off just yet... If you have a scarf that doesn't have fringes, you can just sew the ends together.

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