Thursday, October 11, 2012

Runway Inspiration: Marimekko

Was I proud or what when I heard that the Finnish textile and clothing design company Marimekko was showing at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2013. And what a debut with colorful prints and a fantastic crew of models!

Ever since I saw Carrie's Marimekko Tantsu printed courtains in the tv-series Sex and the City I've craved for something in the Tantsu print as well. 

(photo from here)

The Tantsu pattern is gorgeous, but nowadays I'm starting to lean towards the Satula pattern instead. It is similar, though, maybe a bit simpler? Curtains or cushion covers in the black and white version would be perfect for our apartment. But I never even thought about how good the pattern looks on clothes:

Runway photos are from New York Fashion Week's Gallery.

Now, Marimekko fabric is not the cheapest... But I just might convince my parents to send some for me. It's practically almost Christmas already, right?

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