Friday, November 30, 2012

1st: Modify a Plain White Tee Part III: Text Print

As a courtesy to my sweeties back in Finland (in a timezone way before ours),
it is time to reveal the first of my Christmas Calendar posts!

Christmas Calendar, Day 1

For the T-shirt fan: Print Tee

How to:

Prewash the t-shirt!


Carve out the desired words from linoleum blocks (I got my blocks&carving tool at Hobby Lobby). Remember to do the words mirrored to get them the right way!

I glued on some scrap wooden pieces I had, which makes stamping a whole lot easier. You could glue on something else that you happen to have at home, a wine bottle cork for example.  To make sure the glue holds better, scratch the linoleum block's surface a bit before gluing to make it less smooth.

 I put some parchment paper inside my Tee in case any color was going to leak through.

I used a foam brush to apply fabric color onto the stamp. This fabric color needed 4 hours to dry, and the bottle says that you can wash the Tee after 3 days.

 Remember to make your words mirrored onto the stamp! This is something I didn't even think about until I had already carved my stamps, but it turned out quite fun the wrong way, too :)