Friday, November 9, 2012

6 Ways to Modify Ballet Flats

I've been looking for good ballet flats for a looong time. It's been difficult finding something that is in leather, that has this stretchy edge (since otherwise they tend to fall off my feet), that are comfortable and in my price range. Well, yesterday I finally found some cute ones by Too at Nordstrom Rack, about 40 bucks on clearance. Excellent!

Now I'm trying to decide how to embellish them, and I thought I'd share with you sweeties as well. These small trinkets are all stuff that I've found at Michaels.

Flower Power


Black Bling

Measure Tape

I'm almost convinced this last one is my favorite, but I can't decide yet...

After doing a bit of research, it seems 2-Ton Epoxy Glue would be a good glue to attach the embellishments with according to Bling Deco.

Thanks to this blogpost by becoming elizabeth I'm also thinking about Mod Podging my flats with patterns:

Photo from becoming elisabeth.

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. I love how you style those flats into different looks!

    1. Thanks, I'm still trying to figure out new ways... :D how can I ever decide?

  2. Very creative, they all look amazing!

    Have you heard of heel condoms? (weird name I know)
    But they are pretty awesome for styling heels.

    -Sadia xx

    1. Haa, those are awesome! Too bad they might be a bit difficult for flats, but now I definitely have to experiment :)

  3. Hej Jenna! Cool blogg och underbara projekt! Jag ska komma hit och hämta inspiration. Hoppas du trivs i USA. Vi bor i DC och jag trivs jättebra, men vill nog knappast stanna här resten av livet :) /Anne-Mie (

    1. Heeei! Eikä, vau! Va rolit att nån annan också är "häråt" :)