Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY Chic Christmas Calendar

Earlier I made this Inspiration Board which I planned on using as a Christmas Calendar. Well, it's almost time so here goes! The instructions on how to make the board itself you'll find at the earlier post, but here's how the calendar worked out:

How to:

I printed out numbers in various sizes and fonts, cut them out, glued them on some cardboard (from Hobby Lobby and Jo-Anns). Use cardboard that is Christmassy, or that goes with your decor, or that is of something your loved one likes...  I recommend using photo glue to attach the numbers, since it doesn't wrinkle paper. Unfortunately we didn't have any, and I was determined to use stuff we already had, so mine are a bit wrinkly but not too bad. An idea would also be to stamp numbers onto a one colored cardboard, that you can attach to the patterned cardboard. (Stamped numbers, why didn't I think of that before?!)

Ideas for "filling" the calendar:

1. Printing out small deed's you'll promise your loved one (A coffee run, A back rub... you get the idea) or your kid (An hour at the park, Baking ginger bread etc). Glue them at the back of posts, and you've got that covered. Next year, you can glue new stuff at the back.

2. Why not tape some candies at the back of them?

3. Glue other small treats, like movie tickets (Hello, dear!), beads and string (girls will go crazy!), lego pieces... Whatever your loved ones fancy.

Now, to the fun part:
I will make a Christmas countdown post every day in December up until THE day. These posts will include ideas for Christmas, from gifts to wrapping to decorating to looking festive on Christmas eve. So stay tuned to find out what posts I've hid behind the numbers...

E-mail me ( or comment with your e-mail to get the file with the numbers sent to you , ready to be cut :)