Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY Large Photo Art

Now THIS is something I've been looking forward to for a long time!

My sister shot this amazing series of photos for her high school's Human Rights Project in 2006. (Yes, I told you it's been a long time). She has two photos that I really love and have thought that someday will be in our home. I was looking through her photography site, and realized that now was the perfect time to make her photograph into wall art.

Getting this photo developed into a large enough wrapped canvas print cost about 200-300 dollars depending on thickness (yikes!), so I knew I wouldn't want to go that route. A couple of weeks ago I saw this giant picture tutorial  by Sugar Bee crafts, and I took some direction from her project.

When I asked my sister to send over the two photos that I love, she also sent me a bonus-one which I have never seen before! Not on her website or in the Human Rights Project collection. And now I'm going to share all three photos with you:

This is how you can make your photos into large wall art:

* Get the photo you want in largest quality possible 
(This one was under 300kb, but actually turned out great! A little bit of grain gives the black and white photo some character I think)

* Office Max has a printing service; just go there and have the photo with you on a memory stick. They printed out this photo for me in 30x20 inches (they can go bigger!), cost about 30 dollars.

Update: They can also print your photo onto card stock paper which is a little less glossy, and cost a fraction of what the photo paper cost! Found that out today, Dec 23rd, when I went to print out a Xmas-gift :)

(Sugar Bee Crafts printed it out as a paper print which was much cheaper, but I really wanted a real photo)

* Get spray glue (one that's appropriate for photos, I got Elmer's Craft Bond Multi-purpose spray for about 3 dollars at Walmart)

* Get a foam board. Walmart had 30x20 inch ones that are about 1/4 inch thick, also saw almost the same in the Dollar Tree store later... If you need a bigger and thicker foam board you can find some in hardware stores. With the thicker board you will get more of the "canvas art" feel, since the body will be thicker.

* Glue on the photo (and go outside to do it). You might want someone to help you roll the photo out onto the sprayed board, so there won't form bubbles. You can also use for example a long ruler to press it on little by little.

*If you had a larger foam board than your photo, use for example a utility knife to cut off the excess board

* I've read in several blogs that it should be safe to mod podge over photos, but I have not yet been brave enough to do so. Will let you know how it turns out if I ever do :)

* If you want hooks on it to hang it up on the wall, you can take some wire (I used jewelry wire) to make loops that you attach to the back with tape (all credit for that idea goes to Subar Bee Crafts)

* Enjoy your art!

For more of my sisters photography please visit her site.

Oh, this desk? It's finally finished!


  1. such a great idea, pretty beautiful dear
    x the cookies

  2. Just an FYI. I do a lot of decoupage and I have found if you spray the photo with an aerosol clear acrylic sealer and let it dry you can then mod podge over it without risking the ink from running.

    1. Uuuuh, thank you so much for the tip! Maybe I'll have the courage to do it now :)