Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY Legwarmers with Hearts

Fall is creeping up on us little by little, so I wanted something to keep me warm :)

Originally I  used white yarn as the string, but I decided it looked too raggedy so I changed it to a satin band instead. 

How to:

You need two bundles of bulky yarn (I used Lion Brans'd Hometown USA). I used size 10 (6mm) knitting needles.

Start with 30 stitches, make simple 1x1 rib, basically just alternate knit and purl. I just kept on going until one bundle was out, which was enough for the legwarmer-length that I wanted. Make two of them, and then sew the sides of the legwarmers. Then fold down a part of the legwarmer, go under loops around it with a string in a contrasty color, same color as the hearts perhaps?

Cut out different sizes of hearts from felt (you need two of the same size for one heart). Put the string in between the two same sized hearts and sew it in there with a couple of stitches to make sure it sticks. Add (fabric) glue in between, and then try to be patient enough to let the glue dry :)

Did you make your own? How did they turn out?


  1. I like your very nice design :)

    Maybe you want to follow my blog

    All the best xoxo

    Lara <3

  2. Featuring you tomorrow on Little Miss Mama, for my Tuesday Favorites.
    Hope you LOVE it as much as I do your DIY.