Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Stamped Grocery Jars

We love food. We love to make food. 

Consequently, our cupboards are starting to fill up with various jars of flours&grains, and yesterday I decided they really need to be labeled. I had these wooden alphabet stamps from earlier , and read on the ink pad I have that the ink is permanent. Perfect! 

Simply stamped the jars like anything else, although the plastic is quite slippery so I had to do some letters over. I just rubbed the ink off instantly, and went for it again. In Swedish&Finnish you'll ned dots for å, ä & ö, I used a permanent marker.

Today I tried swiping over them with my finger to test the permanentness, and nothing came off :)

Palette Hybrid Ink pad, Acid Free, Noir Black  
and wooden alphabet stamps bought at Hobby Lobby

Other fun labeling ideas:

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