Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Tulle Hairband and Messy 'Do

Double threat:
How to make a tulle headband AND use it in making a messy hairdo!

The inspiration to the messy hairdo was this bohemian hairdo I saw on craftgawker, by Elisa McLaughlin. But, I wanted my hairdo messier :)

You need a basic hairband, or stretchy band that you sew into one, and piece of tulle. 
I had a roll of tulle that is 6 inches wide (3 dollars at Walmart) and cut a 40 inch long piece out of it.

Fold it to half the width and again in half 
--> the tulle piece is still 40 inches long, but 1,5 inches wide.

Fold the end of the tulle and pin to the hairband, (fold on the under-side). Then, with zig zag, attach the tulle to the hairband with sewing machine: First secure the end and then start sewing so that you stretch the hairband as much as possible as you go, so that when it retracts it creates the scrunched up look. Then again fold at the end as in the beginning. I left a gap so that there wouldn't be tulle all the way around the back, but do as  you like (leave a bigger or a smaller gap).

Note: the hairband stretches out a little when you do this, but I don't mind since I think they're always too tight. In conclusion, if you want it to be tight you want to have a shorter hairband to start with)

Tadaa! This looks a bit scary, though, like a garter gone wrong. But it looks fun in the hair, I promise!

Then, for the hairdo:


Start with curling your hair (I used Remington's Pearl Curl Wand, the one for bigger curls).    
Put the hairband on, and then start lifting sections of your hair  over and inside the hairband (working from one side to the other or inwards). And don't be afraid to make a MESS!

Put on a little hairspray and you're done! I left a curl on one side, could be cool to leave some curls loose at the back as well. My Finnish fine (read: thin) hair doesn't allow me to leave out too much, though, unless I want it to look.. well, thin. Maybe I'll try with extensions next time...

Have a great week gorgeousnessess!