Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Upcycled Wine Bottles for Entertaining

A couple of days ago we had our first dinner guest over. While I was setting the table, I realized we had NOTHING resembling a pitcher to serve water from (well okay, if you don't count the pot from the coffee maker). Husband was still at work, I didn't have the car so there was no way I'd have time to go looking for one. 

Oh, IDEA! Why don't I take a wine bottle out and wash it, that'll do!

Hmm, looks naked... Wait, I've got jute string somewhere!

Perfect! But this one I just made in a hurry, and you could not really grab the bottle by the jute-area since it kept slipping. So, today I put some more time into it and made several to avoid the pitcher-panic in the future.

How to DIY:

 You need empty, washed wine bottles (obviously). You'll get the labels off by bathing the bottles in warm soapy water for a while (the longer the easier it is). Rip off everything you can, and scrub away the rest with a brush or sponge.

 Jute string: I used about 10 feet for the wine bottles and about 16 feet for the champagne bottles. 


Put some glue at the top. Place the halfway-point of the string at the top, and start spinning both ends around.Keep putting on more glue as you progress downwards. Keep it tight!


When you've come as far as you want, just make a simple knot and let dry. 

For a party, I recommend making tags for the bottles, for example telling if it is water, wine etc. Or, if you make these for a wedding, you could for example write the names of the bride & groom on there. I wish I had thought of this for our wedding! We had it last summer, and we had jute string just simply around in one loop, with the text "Drink Me" on them. (Our candy buffet bags said "Eat Me", in Alice in Wonderland spirit). Anyway, I cut away the cardboard from some sketch pad I had, you could use any number of fun patterned papers found at crafts stores. I stamped the word onto regular print paper, and glued them on. I made holes in the cardboard and I tied the labels on when the glue had dried.

Ready for our next guests:


  1. Really darling. Love the tags! The perfect finishing touch ...

    :) Linda

    1. Linda you're too sweet, I'm blushing over here from all your comments :) fun that you find my blog, and so glad I found yours :)

  2. What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of wine bottle crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!