Sunday, November 18, 2012

Inspired by Simply Scandi from Vero Moda

"It’s no secret, the Scandinavians are the new kings of cool."
Photo and quote from Vero Moda's website.

I love love love this simple Scandi look on Alexa. This is really how I usually dress for parties; the little black dress and red lipstick. And some air in the hair, unless I straighten in super straight. Love how this outfit looks so polished, and she doesn't seem to have any jewelry on. If you feel naked without them, my suggestion is to keep it minimal; have one gorgeous piece that captures the eye.

Here I posted two dresses, the left one from Modstrom and the right one from Vero Moda, and some really pretty golden jewelry to go with them:

Inspired by Simply Scandi by Vero Moda

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