Saturday, November 3, 2012

Liebster 2012 Nomination....!

I had an awesome start of the day today; I have been nominated for the Liebster award! 
Such a cool idea, helping aspiring bloggers connecting and supporting each other :)

A huge thank you to Toni at Rhythm and Ruffle for nominating me & showing her support!

*The rules for all nominees…
1. Share 11 facts about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the one who nominated them.
3. Choose 5-11 blogs to nominate (those with no more than 200 followers – do your best).
4. Provide 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Follow the blog who nominated you.
6. Participate – it’s fun and a great way to network! No sending back the nomination :)
7. Finally, post a comment on the blog of each person you nominate to let them know they’ve been nominated, with a link back to the post on your blog highlighting the Liebster Award!
* Sharing is caring:
1. I make lists. A lot of lists.
2. I could live on just dipping fresh baguettes in olive oil, vinegar, pepper & salt.
3. I once sent a love letter to a boy in elementary school. He responded by text message, about 15 years later.
4. I love cooking. And baking. But I'm not supposed to bake too much, since Husband is worried about eating too much goodies.
5. I miss living in the city. Turku was by the river, which was awesome.
6. I love projects. Almost always have several of them going on at the same time (read: we do not have room to eat at our large dining table. ever.).
7. I want my bags&shoes in real leather.
8. I'm stupidly happy whenever I can sit down with a glossy magazine. Most stuff you could just read online or get the magazine for your iPad, but there's just nothing like actually touching the pages, flipping through them. Same goes for books!
9. I like observing, which is why I might seem quiet sometimes.
10. I love photographing people.
11. I miss my sweeties back in Finland <3 
*Toni’s Questions & My Answers:
1. If you could only have three items from your wardrobe, not including shoes, to wear for a month – what would they be?
Black "snakeskin" printed jeans (H&M), print tee with the Eiffel tower (Forever21), and a large tribal-printed knit scarf.
2. Black or White dress?
 White is so refreshing! Except for weddings ;)
3. Would you be upset if a close friend borrowed an item from your wardrobe without asking?
Upset, no. Surprised, yes :)
4. Stripes or Polka-Dots?
5. What would you do or say if your boyfriend disliked a recent fashion purchase you love?
He'll come around; I don't absolutely love all of his stuff either :)
6. Lipstick, Lip Balm or Lip-gloss?
Lipstick over some lip balm :)
7. How many jeans do you own?
Six pairs here in US. Can't remember how many I left behind...
8. Gift Card or Gift?
Definitely gift if I know the person. DIY if I know them really well :)
9.  If you were granted free shopping for 15 minutes in any store of your choice – which one would you choose?
I know there are a lot of amazing expensive stores I could choose, but I have to choose VILA. I miss their stores, clothes & Pieces shoes....
10. Vacation in Bali or Paris?
Bali, since I haven't been there yet.
11. What was your most recent fashion purchase?
Leather boots from Nine West (Outlet), now I feel normal again!
(A little bit later.... I realized that Nooo, my latest was actually when I bought fun flowery leggings from H&M for Halloween!)

*My 11 Questions…
1. Write the first sentence of your autobiography?
2. Which song describes your mood today?
3. Heels or flats?
4. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
5. Who would you like to know better?
6. Where do you feel at home?
7. A chore you ignored this week?
8. The park or the beach?
9. Favorite shade of lipstick?
10. Buy or DIY?
11. What motivated you today?

*My Nominees are:
I wanted to nominate Rock 'N' Roll Fairytale, but she was already nominated by Toni :)


  1. wow!!!thank you so much Jennah!!Is so sweet of you!CONGRATS to you!!:)

    1. You really deserve it, I could live in the photos on your blog :)

  2. Thank you for nominating me :)

    Its cute that boy remembered you from 15 years ago!

    1. You're welcome! Haha, cute maybe but he was already too late :)

  3. Thanks so much for nominating me! I love getting to know bloggers a little better with these sort of questions :)