Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Modify A Plain White Tee Part I: Owl

How to make your own sequined Tee:

Mark a pattern. The sequins I used where the same size as the squares on the graphing paper I used, so it worked out well. Feel free to copy mine :)

Stick your paper over the area where you want your sequin pic. Put something inside your Tee, for example a book, to protect the other side from the next step.

Take a pencil and press it through the paper, making marks on the Tee to see where to attach the sequins. Remove the paper.

I used sequins and sewed them on, but you can use for example iron on studs instead. It'll probably be much quicker, but I haven't used any yet.

I used silver sequins for most of the owl, but put gold ones as eyebrows, eyes and beak.

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