Monday, December 10, 2012

10th: DIY Striped Wooden Bangles

Christmas Calendar, Day 10

For the Accessory Addict: 
Striped Black&White Bangles with Metallic Interiors

Some weeks ago I saw these gorgeous neon bangles with tribal patterns by Jenna at Let's Go Sunning. I had a feeling I would not be patient enough to make tribal patterns on these, and started thinking about how to make some other pattern fairly easily...

How to:

I bought some wooden bangles from Beverly's. I bought Inca Gold & Sterling Silver crafts paint at Walmart, and had white from before. First I painted the whole thing white, then 2-3 coats of gold/silver on the inner side.

I got the stripes in even circles by placing the Sharpie down on different flat objects for different heights, and then just pressed the bangle against it while turning it around.

Easy peasy!

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