Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12th: White Tee Mod Part IV: Feather Print

Christmas Calendar, Day 12

For the Feather Fanatic: Peacock Print Tee

How to:

* Prewash shirt

* Carve feather stamps out of linoleum blocks. I glued some scrap wood pieces underneath, so stamping would be easier. You could use for example wine bottle corks. Just remember to scratch the surface of the block a bit before so the glue sticks better.

* Put some parchment paper or other protection in between to keep color from leaking through to the other side

* Brush fabric paint onto stamps in the direction of the "fringes", I painted on black at the tip of the peacock feathers. I recommend not stamping on the neckline seam, as it will break up the pattern a bit.

* Dry after 4 hours, washable after 3 days.

* For the same reason I recommend you to have for example a book underneath when stamping the back; the seams from the front will affect the pattern.

All set!

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