Saturday, December 15, 2012

15th: Mod Podged Wooden Box

Christmas Calendar, Day 15

For the Collector: Customized Box

A fun way to store items: Find paper that fits the recipient's (or your) decor style, personality or the items collected.

How to:

* Get a wooden box and the paper you want to use (both from Michaels). The key paper was very thin which made it easy to bend around the edges of the lid, but it also makes it prone to wrinkling.

* Cut the paper into smaller squares (I had about 1-1 1/2 inch pieces).

* Start applying mod podge onto a small area on the lid, attach a couple of pieces there, and then mod podge over them.

* Continue until you've covered the whole upper part of the lid, bending the pieces over the edge.

* Wait until dry, then flip it the other way around and mod podge pieces to cover the sides and nether edge of the lid.

* Again, wait until dry. 

*Do at least one round of mod podge over the whole thing for a more durable surface.

* Paint the bottom part in a color that compliments the paper you chose.

I put a piece of the paper in the archiving-spot as well, but it can be removed.

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