Monday, December 17, 2012

17th: DIY Vintage Book Page Necklace

Christmas Calendar, Day 17

For the Vintage Lover: Shakespeare Necklace

I have a friend who likes all sorts of one-of-a-kind vintagey-ish stuff. And I, once again, grabbed the Mod Podge jar. The result? A necklace made with pages from a 1946 edition of Shakespeare's Forty-minute Plays. 

How to:

Since we didn't have anything vintagey in book-way at home, I went to Goodwill and found this Shakespeare book for a couple of dollars. 

* Mod podge the pages onto some card paper: 
First apply mod podge, then a page and another layer of mod podge. Wait until dry, then mod podge over the page one more time.

* When dry, repeat on the other side so your card paper pieces have page text on both sides

* Cut out the pieces you want to use for your necklace

*For the necklace, you need your page pieces, chain (and a lock if the chain isn't long enough to go over the head), and some jump rings. I found this awesome chain and matching jump rings (Michaels) with a vintagey dark finish that goes well with the antiquated look of the pages.

* Make holes in the page pieces (I used a leather punch)

* Attach the pieces to the chain with the jump rings (using pliers helps)

* If you have a bigger chain like I did here, you want all the pieces to be attached to the same side of the chain to avoid the pieces from hanging weirdly

* Attach your lock if you have one. Aaaand done!

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