Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18th: DIY Oversize Button Belt

Christmas Calendar, Day 18

For the Quirky: Oversize Button Belt

There are a lot of cute oversize Tee's, flowy dresses and breezy tops out there that really need a waist belt to accompany them. I really don't like it when the belts are made in non-stretchy materials that have me gasping for air, so I wanted to make a simple one that would be comfortable no matter what I'm doing (or how much I'm eating!). 

Here's how to make this one in a couple of minutes:


* You need a decoration (here: button), an elastic waistband the length of your waist minua one inch and a piece of felt that is smaller than your decoration.

(I found the button at JoAnns)


* Take the ends of your elastic waistband and sew them onto your piece of felt

* Sew your decoration onto the piece of felt.

Yup, you're done! This was a quick one, huh?

Dress by Vero Moda