Thursday, December 20, 2012

20th: DIY Bohemian Bracelet

Christmas Calendar, Day 20

For the Bohemian: Flowery Bracelet

This bracelet is really quick to do!

You need some chain, a "middle-bit" that has holes in it (I found a pack of these ones with flowers at Michaels originally for by ballet flats, I'm sure they have other stuff, too), a couple of jump rings and a lock. I  recommend using pliers, too.

How to:

* Make a loop which will fit around a finger in one end of the chain.

* Break the chain, and attach it to the flower row with a jump ring (or add charms to the chain with the help of jump rings)

* Attach the other end of the flower row to the chain with a jump ring.

* Break off a piece of chain and attach it to the chain coming from the flower row, so that you have to ends to put around your wrist.

* Attach lock pieces to the ends.


Puuh, photographing hands is so hard! Tried to photograph mine, tried to photograph a friend's... Will still try to get better photos for you guys :)

This was my last Christmas Gift post, still some yummy Christmassy stuff coming up until the 24th!

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