Friday, December 21, 2012

21st: Spicy Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Christmas Calendar, Day 21

For the Hostesses: Spicy Chocolate Truffles

A couple of years now we've made these spicy chocolate truffles for Christmas; a nice addition to the Christmas treats, but also a great gift to give to relatives or party hosts who already have it all.

A tip: If you know there are kids as well as adults on the receiving end of a bag of these goodies, you could mark them for example by rolling only the spicy ones in cocoanut flakes and then kids' non-spicy versions in sprinkles.

How to:

* Mix or whip melted margarine/butter together with sugar 
until the mixture has a more porous consistency

* Add the rest of the ingredients and work into a dough,

work in a very very small amount of white pepper and/or chili powder, 
and taste taste taste! 

(I almost always add juuuust a little bit more cocoa... Sometimes honey... or cardamom!)

If it goes too spicy, you'll just have to add more of the other ingredients. What a shame... ;)

* The dough is probably very sticky&soft at this point, so put it in the fridge until it is easier to handle
(If you've made several batches, you might have to refrigerate once in a while)

Put the decorations (cocoa flakes or sprinkles) on a plate

Form the dough into balls and roll around on the plate

Place the truffles in your fridge to let them set


You can freeze them for later, too, 
they're great when you need emergency treats for surprise coffee visitors.

This recipe yields about 30 chocolate balls, but I tend to make mine quite small.

More is always more, more or less. Right?

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