Friday, December 21, 2012

22nd: Cranberry Mulled Wine Glögi Recipe

Christmas Calendar, Day 22

 For the Thirsty: Cranberry Glögi 
(Mulled Wine with Cranberry)

Update: Made tried this with blueberry juice instead of cranberry, much closer to the Finnish mulled wine. The blueberry version doesn't need a lot of sugar, either.

Glögi is something I miss over here, and just had to make my own. 

How to:

* Cook the first batch of ingredients.

I cooked the spices in the cranberry juice for a while, and added the red wine at the very end. If you want to cook away the alcohol, just add it earlier and let it simmer.

* Add as much sugar as you need to, it depends on how you like your glögi & how sour the cranberry juice you are using is.

* Pour into a pitcher through a sieve.

* Pour into mugs/glasses

* Decorate with oranges, and have raisins&almonds at the table so you can add them if you like

PS: If you are using regular glasses, pour just a little bit in each one at a time so the heat doesn't crack them!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend <3

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