Sunday, December 23, 2012

24th: Gold Confetti Nail Art Tutorial

Christmas Calendar, Day 24

For You (yes, you again!):
Gold Confetti Nail Art

M is visiting from Finland, and we wanted to give her nails a festive makeover.
I saw Arkadia Nail Art's video tutorial on how to make beautiful nails with gold leafing, and thought I'd give it a shot.

I made coasters with gold leafing, so I had some gold leaves still lying around.
You can find gold leaves at crafts stores, and they might also have silver or bronze if those colors are more you.

We got to work:

Take a piece of gold leaf paper, and start ripping it up into tiny pieces using something pointy you have at home.

When the confetti is in tiny pieces, it is time to paint your nails.

Make your base (M is wearing Wicked by ESSIE).

When you've applied the last layer of the base color on ONE hand, wait a bit to let it set but not over a minute. Start very carefully dipping a soft brush (I used an old foundation brush) in the confetti, and dab the confetti onto your nails carefully; try not to touch the nail with the brush. 

When you're happy with the amount&look of the confetti, dab them onto your nails gently to attach them better. Brush on your nails to make any excess come off.

Paint the last base layer of the other hand, and attack the gold confetti like before.

When completely dry, apply a clear nail polish on top.

Sorry for the really yellow photos, cannot seem to get them better without making the skin tone look weird :(

Now you're ready for Christmas, or why not do this for New Year's Eve?

Have a lovely day everyone <3