Monday, December 3, 2012

3rd: DIY Pencil Holder

Christmas Calenda, Day 3

For the Artist: Pencil Pot

Pot for all those pencils, pens and brushes to be out in the open, neatly.

How to make these dimensional letters/patterns onto your pot:


Get a pot. Write on it what you want it to say; you'll have an easier time with something to trace.

Trace your "pattern" with a glue gun.


I started with having the pot upside down, and painting the outer side white. When dry, turned and painted the inner part black. I also painted the upper part randomly with black, and then again over it randomly with white.


  1. Hej Jenna! Jättefin och inspirerande blogg du har :) Hoppas allt annars också är bra med er där på andra sidan Atlanten, Kram