Thursday, December 6, 2012

6th: DIY Stamped Barrel Tray

Christmas Calendar, Day 6

Happy Independence Day to all you Finns out there!

For the Dad: Stamped Barrel Tray

Earlier this fall I saw this ah-mazing winebarrel inspired tray post made by lil blue boo. I immediately knew I had to make something similar for my Dad for Christmas. Since my parents are visiting us right now, I wanted to incorporate California somehow.

This is how I went about it:

I bought a circular wooden piece (table top?) at Lowes, this was the smallest one, at about 7 dollars. I stained it with Minwax Wood Finish in Special Walnut. Wipe off any excess stain immediately!

I made a stencil in a vector programme called iDraw,
 you can use the same one if you want, here you go:

I printed it out, and cut out the letters with a paper knife. I had a palm tree on mine so I would remember it, but since it was not my design I did not use it in my tray. I made a palm tree stamp out of a linoleum block instead. You could also draw a palmtree/surfer silhouette on your stencil, and cut it out.

(I used black crafts paint)

I finished the tray with some Rust-Oleum ultimate polyurethane in Satin. A bit scary since it looks like mod podge! I'm not sure you can keep food on this, check with staff if you want a finish that is okay to use in case you want to keep food directly on the tray.

I screwed on some handles I found at Lowes; they came with screws in the same color.

And there you go :)

Would you guys like me to make an iDraw tutorial for making this curved text?


  1. Great gift idea; my dad would love this in our home bar! <3

  2. love this gift idea and relatively inexpensive which is always invited :) I bet he will love it!

    1. Thank you so much! The tray in the post that inspired me was really amazing :)