Friday, December 7, 2012

7th: DIY Custom Notebook/Diary

Christmas Calendar, Day 7

For the Wordsmith: Customized Notebook

This writing friend of mine has always had a fascination with Asia, so when I saw this scrapbooking paper I could not resist! 

How to:


Start out with a notebook in a single color, and scrapbook paper you've cut into the size of the notebook's cover. Mod podge the whole cover on one side. 


Attach one of the patterned papers on top of the mod podge, and put a layer of mod podge on top. Let dry. Make one more mod podge layer, before repeating on the back cover. After this, the paper doesn't feel/look like paper anymore :) I used matte mod podge, and the cover still has some sheen to it:

Note: Scrap book paper/card paper is sterdy enough not to smush from the mod podge. I don't recommend using anything thinner.


  1. This is really cute! I need to try it out sometime, since I'm obsessed with themed notebooks now, while I used to write in ones with black covers.

    1. Soon you'll be in the land of Mod Podge :)

    2. You can't get it in our dear homeland?

    3. I haven't seen any, but haven't really been looking :)