Sunday, December 9, 2012

9th: DIY Gift Wrap Clutch Bag

Christmas Calendar, Day 9

For the Gifts: Wrapping Paper Clutch Bag

I thought of this some weeks ago when I saw a post on craftgawker where someone had made a clutch out of a place mat. I just thought that there must be so many things you could make a clutch out of... And then it hit me! A wrapping paper clutch is perfect for books (a little more wow to the ordinary packing) or soft gifts (I always get frustrated packing those).

How to:

Cut out paper that is approx 2,5 times the width of the present (shorter side) and wider than the lengt of your present, how wide depends on how thick the item is.

Note: If you are packing a book, you might want to put a round or two of paper towels around it, so the edges&corners won't break the wrapping paper too easily.

Fold it so that it almost reaches over the gift, and then remove the gift for a while. 
I also folded the upper edge to make the edge a bit sterdier&neater.

Sew the sides and the upper edge with zig zag stitches (a sewing machine might be vital for this one). If you're sewing by hand, a thicker yarn and straight stitches might be fun?

 Make a nametag, which will work as the "lock" on the clutch. Put the gift in the clutch, and then glue the tag on; you might need to have something pressing down the tag until dry so it won't slip.

This "nametag" is made out of clay that you can make with ingredients you have at home (corn startch, baking soda, water).This clay is whiter that ordinary salt clay, which I really like. I found the recipe at the woodside kitchencheck the instructions and her cute Christmas tree decorations there. 

 I used letter stamps to stamp on "love" (hey, I can't give away names yet!). 

You could also just cut out different shaped pieces of paper and write the recipients name on there. Or why not stamp their name onto the whole paper as a pattern?

Update Dec 11th: The Wrapping Paper Clutch was on TV!


  1. That's a really cute idea! :) /Mare

  2. I love brown paper packaging and this is really a smart idea! Thank you for the tutorial! :D

    1. Thank you! I mostly use brown paper packaging unless I have something else around that can function as wrapping :)

  3. What a nice idea! Thanks for your diy. I just shared it on my Facebook page.