Monday, January 28, 2013

Crossover Cascade Braid Tutorial

I shot photos of my friend Ev last summer, and used some of them for my photo storytelling post. I made this braid for her since it looked so cool with her natural color peeking out. Anyway, I thought a tutorial for it would be in order for this week!

(Thanks again for modeling, Em!)

How to:


Take the front part of your hair from one side, and pull back. Start by braiding it just a couple of steps.


Then, every time you add a new piece of hair (only from the top) to a section, you'll part the whole section so that you leave approx 1/3 to hang loose, while the rest (2/3) goes back into the braid as if you'd braid just normally, like this:


 Then just keep repeating every time you take a new part of hair into each section.
NOTE: You only take new parts of hair from the top, not from the other side like in a french braid.


This is how it should start to look!

When you've added a piece of hair from the front (opposite side of where you started), you can just start braiding the sections like you would normally, without adding any more parts of hair. You can also stop and start the braid at any point you like; you don't have to go all the way from "side to side", especially if you'r hair is shorter in front it's gonna be difficult to get those parts to stay in the braid.

Secure with a see-through elastic. Spray?


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I really like it.