Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Feather Headband

I came across these cute feather pieces at Michaels, and just HAD TO make something. There were so many beautiful ones... All about 3 dollars.

Thanks again Em for modeling!

How to:

Sew on circles of beads onto a round piece of felt.

Cut a piece of elastic band that'll sit well around your head. Sew the ends together.

Sew the beaded piece onto the end of the feather-piece, attaching the elastic band to both of them at the same time:

Take another piece of fabric (I used again felt), put the elastic in between. 

Put glue/fabric glue at the edges of the felt piece (pink lines), so that the elastic band can still move around and doesn't get stuck. I used clothespins to make sure the glued parts dry together well.

Done when dry :)

Love this photo of Em. I'm starting to think I'm getting a "thing" for blurry photos!


  1. Spoil love this. Not my personal style because I couldnt rock it but totally love it anyway

    1. Hihi :) now I need a party to wear it to! Or just summer <3

  2. Chelsea! I got your comment, but accidentally pressed Delete on my tiny mobile screen and can't get it back :( thank you, though!