Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY Lace Knit Cowl Scarf

I had plans on making this lacey knit fabric into a tunic, but when a scarf crisis emerged I could make it into a cowl instead, in just a matter of minutes!

The lovely E was once again modeling, this time in San Francisco.

 E is wearing shiny jeans by Lindex, sweater from H&M, shoes from Vagabond.

We had a black fabric inside the cowl so you could see how the pattern looks, without the contrasting fabric the cowl was hard to photograph. This is how it looked like when we shot yesterday:

How to:

You need a piece of fabric that's about 59 x 48 inches (150 cm times 120 cm).

The  wider the short side is, the bigger the loop of the cowl will be.
The longer the long side of the fabric is, the thicker the cowl will be.
The shorter ends of my fabric where the edges of the fabric roll, so they were already finished nicely (so the fabric was 59 inches wide). If your fabric piece's edges aren't finished, finish them as desired.

Fold the long side onto the opposite long side (so the width of the piece above is "cut" in half, 48 inches --> 24 inches/60cm). Make sure the "right" side of the fabric (the prettier side) is the one inside the fold. This way the seam will come to the "uglier" side that's going to face inwards when you wear the cowl.

After you've sewn the long edges together, zig-zag along that same edge to make sure it won't unravel.

Then just roll it all up into a bundle to put over your head :)

Easy, huh?


  1. So pretty! Love your DIY's, you're so talented Jennah. Great new blog design too. <3