Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY Salad Server Makeover

We were in need of salad servers when we got dinner guests. I did not have time to venture into wood craftmanship, but I did want to put my own spin on these.

How to:

(I got these Bamboo salad servers at Bed, Bath & Beyond)

Sand paper the ends a little bit, if your servers are already finished in some way. That way the paint will stick better. Put tape over your salad servers, it will create an edge for your paint.

Paint the handles, I needed three layers.

(I used Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallique Paint in Champage)

Take off your tape. Use black paint or black nail polish (I had some lying around!) to make dots or other desired patterns onto your servers. Voilà! 


  1. Oh my .. so cute. Iwill have to remember this, we have these too!

    1. Thanks Jodi :) I'm thinking making a stencil or something would be fun, too... Need to get some more makeover-needing-things :P

  2. These are really pretty! I'll have to look for those serves at BB&B.

    1. Thanks Chelsea! ! I think they were about 8 dollars :)