Monday, January 21, 2013

Fishtail Bun Tutorial

Today I got to make a fishtail ballerina bun,
thanks Em for modeling!

How to:


Take the top front part of your hair, divide into two (keep tight!)


Cross them over each other like so: If you want your braid to be more on the right side, start with crossing the left part (2.) over the right (1.). Then start crossing over small sections from both sides, adding to the braid, first a piece from the right (3.)  (since you just took the one from the left (2.)), then take one from the left (4.). Just continue on until you have all your hair from the front to about the ears in the bun. Make sure about every second section on each side is from the top half of the head, and every other is from your hairline-half. 

(A little bit like doing a french braid, but using only two parts and you just add to them from opposite sides.)


So when you've done about 4-8 small sections on each side ( depending on how narrow sections you take plus how thick your hair is), start braiding the hair you've gathered (those two parts) into a regular fishtail.


Put a hairband at the end of your fishtail (you can braid it longer than we did if you want to). I switched the hairband to a see-through elastic one: the end result looks better. Then, make the rest of your hair into a ponytail that's as high up as possible. Loosely twirl the ponytail.


Loosely twist the ponytail around itself to make a bun, put a hairband around the bottom (and make sure the ends of hair get secured under the hairband. Then mess it up just a little bit. (Oh, and spray!)

Take your fishtail around the bun, starting from whichever side your braid is on. When you come around, put the end underneath the braid, and put around one more round if it is long enough and then secure it under the top of the fishtail (underneath the "french" part), or secure after the first round if your hair is shorter.

You can add more bobby pins here and there, to keep your hair secured. And SPRAY!



  1. That's such a pretty look! I might give it a go x

    1. Thanks! I can't pull it off, though, because I'm still growing out my bangs... But it's so much fun having friends helping out :)

  2. I love your tutorials! I wish someone can do that to my hair. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Scarlet, so happy about your comment :) It gets easier to make it yourself every time you try :)


    2. Well, maybe I'll just start practicing now :)

      By the way, you started with two parts! When my cousin did a fishtail on my heir, she started with four. I wonder how she kept it tight...

    3. Oh wow, I wonder how that works! Need to investigate :)