Monday, January 7, 2013

Messy Half-and-Half Braid Tutorial

Me & M had a little photo shoot involving a make up artist from Sephora, gold confetti, a messy braid and a lot of hairspray:

Anyway, back to the hairdo. This one is easiest to do when your hair is long and doesn't have a lot of layers; it'll stay in place easier. It is possible to do with bangs (crazy amounts of spray? or just leave the bangs out of it), but my hair is so fine I needed to wait for M to try this out.

How to:


Tease&spray four parts on the top of your head.

Take the two front parts, and cross them (as seen here: left part over right part).


Take the second teased part from the right side, and cross it over, adding it to the left.
Take the second teased part from the left side, and cross it over, adding it to the right.

Continue taking parts from opposite sides, adding to the two sides of the braid.
(You can tease more parts as you go, but M has so much hair I didn't really need to)

So, when you've come through all of your hair (to the nape of your neck) and have these two pieces...


... Whichever side is next, divide that part of hair into two, and take the outer one across to the other side.


Then, repeat on the other side: Part into two, and cross the outer piece over to the other side.

You don't have to be too particular: take different amounts of hair into each part to make it more messy.

This might be enough for you, but if you want it messier...



And then, spray spray spray!

(I didn't spray M's hair here since she was going to hop on a plane after we shot this, but for the photo shoot it was a whole other story...)

This hairdo is inspiration for me to start growing out my bangs. 
So I'll be able to do this hairdo in... 5 years?

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