Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY Dandelion Print Tea Towels

I'm crazy about black&white. Just love everything monochrome: t-shirts, photos, art, sheets... So I finally got around to plan prints to tea towels.

I got some flour sack kitchen towels from Walmart, and a Tee Juice Fineliner for Fabric pen.

I washed the towels, and ironed them out. Then I drew the dandelions on there and ironed the towel again to attach the drawing. 

The dandelions were so easy to draw:

1. Make a dot in the middle
2. Make lines that come out from the dot
3. Make small "puffs" at the ends of each of the lines



  1. These are beautiful, I love flour sack fabric! I think you're inspiring me to make a few tea towels :) Thanks for making the tutorial so easy to follow.

    1. Thank you Monica! I've still got three blank ones left, trying to decide what to do about them :)