Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY Leather Bow Tie Belt

Little white lace dress from Target.

I love love love leather. Since I made a bow tie for Husband, I thought I could do a cute leather one as a belt. This leather was just sturdy enough and turned out just the way I wanted :) this was pretty quick to do once I figured out how to do the different stages.

How to:

Cut out your piece of leather. The middle part is what is going to show outwards, so the side parts that will be tucked away to the back can be narrower than the middle part.

Make two holes at the middle edges.

Tie the holes together with strong thread.

Check to see if it looks okay, or if ou need to trim it. 

Make holes in the ends when they're the right length.

Tie the ends together at the middle, so the thread goes through/under the middle part, which will keep the ends bent in.

Sew the ends of your waistband together.

Cut out a piece to put in the center: make sure the ends of it will overlap a little. Make holes at the corners, so that the holes will be over each other when the ends are overlapped. 

Tie the overlapping holes together with strong thread.