Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Pom Pom Skirt

I've wanted to make this skirt for such a long time! My mom made my wedding dress, first she was going to make the corset and me the skirt, but we quickly determined that the long skirt made like this would weight too much. So, we made something different, and I could make a shorter version. Not to say that this wouldn't suit a bride :)

My original sketch from our wedding dress planning:


My "tulle" fabric was 59 inches wide, a quite soft and flowy tulle knit. 
I needed about 3.5 yards of it to make the "fluff" in the skirt.

If you use regular sturdier tulle, your skirt will probably be fluffier and have more air.

My skirt is 18 inches from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the last tassels.

I made my lining 110 cm wide (43 inches), since the widest part at my hip is approx 100cm. If you're going to make a long skirt like this: the skirt get's pretty heavy when you add a lot of layers (and the elastic might not hold). Another thing to consider with a much longer skirt is that you might need to make the lining in a A-shape (gets wider towards the bottom) since you probably want to be able to walk in it :)

My example is with a 2 inch wide elastic band as waistband, so if you have a narrower/wider one, you have to calculate what the measurements are. I don't recommend a much narrower one, though, since the skirt might be too heavy for a really narrow one.

It's not going to be quick, but sometimes fun things take time :)

So, let's get started:

(Where you cut the lining at the bottom depends on how long your tassels are, 
leave 4 inches lining for finishing the edge).

(So fold the lining fabric a bit over the fluff-edge, and sew very close to that edge. Remember to leave enough room for the waistband).

 And that's it! Let me know how yours turned out? Any questions?

Eiffel Tower top from Forever 21, leather boots from Aldo.


  1. Looks pretty!
    You should show us a pic of your wedding dress :)