Sunday, February 3, 2013

DIY Yoga Belt / Strap

A little weekend bonus DIY!

I've been going to Pilates for a couple of years, and I still just can't to get my legs straight up in the air... I asked the Pilates instructor what could be the matter, and she said that it might be that the muscles are so trained (yay!) that they might be too tight (boo...). So, more stretching for me. I've tried out a yoga belt at the gym and it really helps with the stretching! And I could of course not just go out and buy one...

How to:

I bought 6 feet of this knitted band at Jo-Anns, you can go shorter/longer.

Sew on two belt rings at one end. I folded the edge inwards, and zig-zagged over the area a few rounds to keep it from unraveling. Then I glued on a piece of leather to the other end (folding it over the whole end so it's the same length on both sides).

Use clothespins to keep the leather in place while drying.

PS: Don't tug on the leather piece while stretching :)

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