Thursday, February 21, 2013

Growing Out Bangs? Braid Them.

So I'm in the painful process of growing out my bangs. Mostly they just hang there, looking boring. But hey, at least they are so long now that they don't do the "Dwight Schrute thing" anymore!

Anyway, braiding them is one easy way that I don't have to deal with the strands hanging in my face. Braiding your bangs away is also great for the gym! And this is even easier to do if you don't have bangs, since your hair will be longer and thus stays in the braid even easier.

How to:

This is sort of like making a french braid, but you're only adding more hair from one particular side to get it like this.

Make a side parting. You might want to put a styling product in the parts you'll braid, to keep them in place easier.

Take three sections of hair from where your parting starts. I've numbered the three parts, and will continue to use nr 1 for the most inner part at and 3 for the most outer part in every step.

So, start by taking nr 3 in between 1 and 2 from UNDER 2.

Take nr 1 and place it in between 2 and 3, from UNDER.

Again, take nr 3 (so the most outer part) and put it between the two others from UNDER.

Then while you take nr 1 (the most inner part) again to the middle, add a section of hair from further down. 

Repeat, always adding more hair to section 1 every time you tuck it in between the others.

If your hair is fine like mine, alternate between taking a section from further down and a section from a bit further back, this way you don't get any "bold spot" stuff going on.

Once you're happy with the length of it, you can pin it into place. You can also stop taking new parts in at some point, just braiding everything you have into a simple braid that hangs down with the rest of your hair.

The lipstick is Lumene Natural Code in Vintage Red (nr 15).

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