Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mini Meditation Trick

When we were planning our move to the other side of the world, it was stressful to say the least. Even if it was an exciting, amazing and a really happy thing, it was demanding. What to do with our stuff, where to live when we come here, not to mention the fact that flying is not exactly my favorite thing.

So what was it that helped me, exactly? This little mini meditation trick that just came to me one day.
About a month before our move, we had picked out this table that we would buy once we got here. It looked really beautiful, made of bits n pieces of scrap wood. So every time I would start to feel stress creeping up, I thought about that table. I imagined myself trailing my fingers over the cracks and crannies of it's surface. We did not end up buying the table, but it didn't change or negate the fact that the thought of it had helped me along the way.

This trick might work for me since I'm a really touchy-feely person. I've tried some meditation tricks before but the visuals just haven't been enough to keep my attention. Instead, thinking about how something really simple actually feels (tactile clue) changed the whole thing! So,

1. Find something you look forward to after that stressful situation

A wedding? Why not think about how it feels to brush your hands over your wedding dress. Is it embroidered with sequins and pearls, is there lace, or a heap of tulle? Or how it feels to grab your fiancées hand during the ceremony. Or sinking your teeth into that delicious white chocolate cheese cake.

A move to another country? Imagine how it will feel to bury your toes into the hot sand at a beach. Or making your first snowball without gloves on. Or find something to look forward to in your future home, like I did.

Job interview? Think about how it will feel sitting down at your desk on your first day. Are there arm rests, what kind of material is the chair, is it sturdy or does it give in a little?

2. Take some time

In the beginning, take some time to think about your tactile clue to make it strong in your mind. That way, when you're out there and feel yourself getting uneasy, it will come to you much quicker and you don't need to use a long time to summon it.

3. Every time you feel stress creeping up on you, hold on to your tactile clue.

Try to catch yourself when you start to feel signs of stress, and just take a mini break to think about your tactile clue. You don't necessarily need to do it for a long time, sometimes all it took for me was a couple of seconds to remind me of my goal.

So why am I thinking about this now? I'm such and impatient person! We're getting a puppy soon, and I feel I just can't wait anymore. We've been planning for a puppy for years, so I know compared to that there's not much time left. I think about how her soft puppy fur feels. How it feels to have the leash in my hands when we go out for a walk. The happiness when she rubs her nose against my hand.

Let me know if this was helpful for you?


  1. Such a great little tip! I always need ways to remind myself to relax.

    1. Thanks! I was so happy to find something that worked for me :)