Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Gold Patterned Ombre Tee

Finally I had time to do something! The puppy is so much work since we still can't go out with her (2 weeks until her 3rd round of shots, then we're off everywhere with her!). Husband has been away on work, too, so it's been crazy here. Sorry for the photos, they are the result of a hectic morning with Husband trying to get to work on time while photographing and keeping a play sick puppy at bay. Anyways, back to the DIY.

If you're like me you got super exited about the ombre pieces that were out there. Well, I'm getting a bit tired of them now, so I wanted to do something about this ombre t-shirt I bought at Forever 21. My leftover Tulip Metallics fabric paint (in Gold) to the rescue!

How to:

Prewash your garment.

Put something in between your garment to protect it from the color leaking through.

Apply the paint from the tip of the tube; I made this little bean stock pattern by making straight lines, and then adding leaves. I chose gold since I thought it would be perfect with the turquoise, a fresh and summery combination.

Let dry flat for 4 hours. Turn, and pattern the other side.

Can be washed after 3 days.

You can't really see the goldness of the paint in the bigger shot, but here you can see how it does glimmer in sunlight.