Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hideaway: Anna-Rosa at MyLifebox blog

So I'm super excited about this one! Anna-Rosa, the Crete based blogger from MyLifebox has posted some awesome DIYs and recipes, but I was curious to see more. Now she lets ut take a rare peek at how she lives. I love her black and white crafts and am happy to see her home follows suit:

here are two of them:

I love the different monochrome works of art  that pop up here and there.
She studies architecture, so why not show it in her home?

Anna-Rosa's boxer Booky looks comfortable :)

Thank you Anna-Rosa for sharing with us!
She also has a blog for her photography, this girl is a multi talent!

If you want to participate with your own hideaway:

E-mail me 3-10 photos (600px wide if square or horizontal, 400px if vertical) of your hideaway, preferably including some DIYd projects or handmade things.

I'll showcase the most suitable entries here on the blog. If you have links to the DIY projects or just want me to link to your own blog, I'm more than happy to!


  1. I want that boxer!!! So cute. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. Its all very simple and neat looking! And your boxer is adorable!!!! We have one that is 2, and full of energy!!!!!!
    Check out my new blog space!

    1. Yup, I love Anna-Rosa's style. I wish we could paint our walls white already :D