Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Interior Inspiration Quote Poster

This is a quote a friend of mine saw at a bath mat back home (xo is from me to you, though!).

It's not often a bath mat makes me think, so I needed to share.

I do get very caught up in having stuff. Even better if it is stuff I can make myself. Since we moved from Finland to California, we obviously did and still do need a lot of things into a house that for the first three weeks basically only had a mattress and the kitchen essentials.  I cannot tell you how much our necks and backs hurt from sitting on the floor, stairs or on the bed for a month. For a long time we've been managing with the stuff that I've shared on the blog (dinner table, project desk, chairs, drawer chests and a bed). I thought I would need more (sofa, sofa table, lots of storage space, big vases, paintings, random interior stuffs, I could go on forever), but I just realized no new big additions have been made in several months.

The last 5 weeks have just flown by with our puppy Nova, and I haven't even had time to think about all the stuff we (read:I) "need". My sister is coming here to do some volunteer work, so she's staying with us for a couple of months. That means lots of photography projects; less time to think about getting more stuff.

So this quote really hit me; I've got my little family in here, and that's most important. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that I'm happy we don't have more stuff for the puppy to chew on. Nothing.

Have a lovely rest of the week guys!

PS: Send me an e-mail or comment with your e-mail (I just won't publish the ones with e-mail addresses on them) if you want this quote poster file sent to you as a bigger one.

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