Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Dragonfly Themed Burlap Cushion Covers with Fringe

Me and my sister are working with some models to build up our portfolios. There are a few shoots where I wanted to have some cushions as props, and wanted them all to have the same theme. Since it's so summery here already, I went for dragonflies.

These will look cool in our guest room once the shoots are over. They work as decoration very well, but the burlap is so ticklish! So they are definitely not for snuggling.

How to:

Cut cushion pieces (two per cushion). Make them bigger that the cushions; I made mine 2 inches wider on each side to have some extra fabric for the fringes.

Make a dragon fly stamp for cushion nr 1. You can see how to make stamps in this post.
Put fabric paint on the stamp with a brush.

(If you want more "coverage" than with the stamp, you can cut out a stencil instead, and use it several times)

Then you need a text stencil for cushion number two. You basically just cut out the text you want to use (print out some text from your computer if you don't feel confident drawing your own). I made this wrap around text in iDraw, e-mail me if you want to use the same template!

Protect your work surface! Dab on fabric paint with a foam brush.

For cushion nr 3 I also made a stencil: just cut out a dragonfly shaped hole in some paper.
(Again, let me know if you want me to e-mail you the template)

Dab the fabric paint with the foam brush again.

Let them dry.

Sew the edges together (put the cushion in there before you sew the last edge), leaving the extra fabric outwards.

Then start pulling away at the burlap to make the fringe.



  1. Hi, I found you in Google and you're amazing !
    I love you and your ideas ;3
    Daria, Poland

    1. Gosh Daria, you made my day! Thank you <3