Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY Neon Flower Print Top

I had trouble finding print tops that I liked, so I bought a few white ones (Target) to modify. This one was super easy to do, you just need some fabric paint in a color you love/want to match with your outfit and 4+4 hours of drying time if you make prints on both sides.

How to:

Pick a fun fabric paint color to make your flowers with,
(I used Tulip Slick in Neon Coral).

Wash your top!

Stick paper/parchment paper inside the top to protect it in case the paint leaks through.

Put some of the paint on paper or some other table protecting surface.

Dip and dab a foam brush in the paint, and then randomly dab some flowers onto your top. I made more flowers at the top, and less towards the bottom (I managed to stick in some "ombre" into this project as well, haha).

Then make the centers of the flowers with another darker color on top
(I used Tulip Puffy in Black).

Let dry, repeat on the other side.



Something strange happens to this really bright coral color in photos, this is the closest we could get to the original color in photos:


  1. As far as prints go, it depends on the season for me. It's heading into winter here and so all the prints in the shops are so drab! I love your flowers, I might try some ombre hearts.

    1. Thank you Zoe! Ombre hears sounds cute :)